What Have You Read Lately About Long-Term Care Insurance?

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story,”. I am sure Mark Twain wasn’t thinking about Long-Term Care or today’s news media when he said this long ago. Today it is very easy to place a news story for people to consume. Between traditional TV and radio, an expanded 24/7 news cycle with cable news there is a lot of information available. The biggest difference today, like the old days when anyone with a printing press could print anything they like, now you just need a computer to create a news story. It seems almost everyone has a computer or smart phone and they are not afraid to use it.The topic of Long-Term Care has become a big one with an aging America. By 2030, 1 in 4 Americans will be over the age of 50. By 2050, 1 of every 5 Americans will be 65+ according to data from data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It seems like once you get around the age of 50 the conversation about Long-Term Care starts coming up. In today’s world that means you hit the internet and see what information you can find. However, some articles are providing misleading or even completely erroneous information on Long-Term Care Insurance.We have heard the term fake news, but perhaps the best way to define what is being written about Long-Term Care is just “lazy news” or “advocacy news”. It seems like everyone with a computer, including myself, has an agenda. How much of this is “truth” is a matter to discuss.Generally, there is more to a story… and the stuff left out is usually very important. The stories about Long-Term Care insurance premium rate increases are very misleading. They usually leave out many details. The reporters or “professionals” writing these articles often have an agenda to push the public in one direction or another.The other thing to remember is the internet is also “old news” as nothing on the internet usually gets deleted. You may find and read something that is old but that story may have been updated numerous times since the first story was published making the information you are reading outdated. You must do more due diligence today to see if you are getting accurate information.

Since the issue of planning for the financial costs and burdens of aging is so important to American families you should know the facts. Often the reason the articles talk about premium increases is to scare the consumer. Maybe the writer wants the government to pay for all long-term care (not going to happen as too many people require care and budgets are tight as it is trying to take care of those with little or no savings). Perhaps the writer wants to have the consumer spend large sums of money of certain type of financial product they are selling. The consumer should understand the truth, so they can plan in advance with more peace-of-mind.These increases that are being reported are primarily on “legacy products” These are older plans that were priced well before the interest rate crash and rate stabilization regulations.Today, all plans are priced with the very low interest rate environment in mind (interest rates have been low in the United States over the last decade). These older plans which had increases were based on a few factors:· Interest rates· Lapse rates (meaning, how many people drop their policies. In practice, very few do, but this was not factored into premium pricing on many older plans)· Claims and underwriting experienceThese policies are paying huge benefits as well. In 2017 over $9.2 billion was paid in benefits to American families protecting assets and easing family burden.The fact is these older policies were underpriced to start with and even with increases they still have outstanding value and huge benefits. Nobody likes an increase, but you must put that increase in perspective. Many of these people I speak with have huge benefits which have been increasing 5% compounded every year since they had the policy. Many have unlimited lifetime benefits as well. Since they have these huge benefits many can reduce the benefit or inflation factor to keep the premium the same. As their benefits increase far greater compared to the cost of long-term care they remain in an outstanding position.Today’s Long-Term Care insurance policies remain very affordable as people start purchasing plans prior to retirement. Underwriting is more conservative but since consumers are younger most people can still find an appropriate plan.Experts say that the risks of increases are small but like anything there is always a chance of an approved increase. However, if you read some of the articles being published you would think the industry is dead and consumers no longer have any interest in the product.The fact is there are still numerous insurance companies marketing Long-Term Care insurance. Consumer interest has never been greater. As I speak to other Long-Term Care Insurance specialists, like myself, we have all noticed a big increase in both consumer awareness and interest. Consumers are younger, more knowledgeable with the risks (often with first-hand experience with an elder parent or other family member) and we are bombarded with requests for information and quotes.Consumers are seeking help from Long-Term Care specialists as most financial advisors and general insurance agents have limited knowledge and experience with the products, underwriting, policy design, benefit options and the federal/state partnership program which is available in most states. Therefore, some of these professionals push consumers into options they are more comfortable with despite the fact they might not be the best and most affordable way to address the costs and burdens of aging.Long-Term Care Insurance, despite what you read, is very affordable for most people. With regulation and better pricing consumers enjoy additional peace-of-mind knowing they have a plan they can count on in the decades to come that will remain affordable once they retire and get older.Many people can obtain outstanding coverage for under $150 a month, some even under $100. Premiums are based on your age at the time to get a plan, your health and the amount of benefits who wish to have. Most of the people I speak with nationwide are from ages 45 to 60.A true Long-Term Care specialist will ask you numerous questions about your health, family history and retirement plans in order to make the proper recommendation. Anyone willing to give you “quotes” without asking very many questions should be avoided.

Long-Term Care insurance is custom designed. Plus, every insurance company has its own underwriting criteria. A true Long-Term Care specialist will represent most or all the major companies. They will have a keen understanding of underwriting and policy design. They should have processed many claims, so they have the first-hand knowledge of how these policies get used at the time of claim.Finally, a real Long-Term Care specialist will not steer you to certain type of policy without spending time speaking with you to determine which type of plan fits your specific situation. Working with a Long-Term Care specialist will allow you to get the accurate information you seek. There are several reference websites for research:LTC News offers articles and resources: http://www.ltcnews.comUS Department of Health and Human Services: https://longtermcare.acl.gov/The main concern for most people is they understand caregiving is hard. An older spouse can’t be expected to be a caregiver without impact their own health. Adult children and their own families, careers and responsibilities. Paid care is expensive and drains savings and impacts lifestyle.For many, Long-Term Care Insurance is easy, affordable, rate stable income and asset protection. It reduces the burdens which your aging will have on your family. However, speak with a true specialist. There are not many Long-Term Care specialists with extensive experience, but I help people nationwide and a number of others like myself do as well.This will give you and your family tremendous peace-of-mind and that is not fake news.

Spiritual Business Owners – How to Sell Your Services By Telling The Truth

Is telling the ‘truth’ applicable to every spiritual business owner?

In short, yes!

  • Do you think of ‘selling your services’, as though you’d be selling your soul?
  • Do you think your clients might judge you, or think you are bothering them by contacting them with a ‘sales’ pitch?
  • Do you think that they MIGHT think YOU are all about the money?

Listen that train of thought isn’t helping you and it most certainly isn’t placing focus and attention on your clients, or potential clients.

I know you know this!

But, regardless of what you think and feel, you also know, to thrive not just survive as a spiritual business owner, you need to move away from the main stream.

That is the doom and gloom mind set and concentrate and place laser focus on creating your own economy.

So, whether you are looking to learn ‘how to sell your services’ as a consulting or coaching business, at the forefront of every message you put out there needs to be your vision and mission.

What is your WHY?

The truth about why you became a spiritual business owner in pursuit of selling your services to the people whom you are trying to reach, is just as important as your service or product.

Think about the people you do business with, you resonate with them in some way.

So, the more the real you is at the forefront of the way you sell your service, the more you feel authentic and in integrity with telling your ‘story’.

Conducting our spiritual business this way, allows us to operate more confidently and align our core values with getting our services in front of the people we are meant to serve.

You are going to be having those ‘money conversations’ and feeling worthy of getting paid for the incredible value you bring to the table as a spiritual business owner is a must!

So who do you want to become more of as a spiritual business owner?

I’m guessing that even though you might want to sell your product or service to a business, online or offline, a client face to face or over the phone, customers in local area or global reach, in an email with relationship marketing, to a company through LinkedIn, for a $5 on Fivver, Facebook, Groupon or even Amazon, at the core of everything you do is following your ‘bliss’ or your unique SOUL Purpose.

So, if this is the case, just tell that truth!

There is nothing wrong, in fact there is everything right, with creating a spiritual business to be of greater service in the world.

The even greater part is when you allow others to pay you for your service or product, that way you doing more and more of the work you love and you get to reach more people as you are able to invest in your self, your lifestyle, your marketing and your business.

But, you can’t get paid unless you learn how to sell your products and services in a way that feels good to you.

So what would feel good, no, great to you?

What do you secretly envision?

Telling the truth works right across the board, this could be knowing;

  • How to sell your consulting services
  • How to sell your professional services
  • How to sell your coaching services
  • How to sell your writing services
  • How to sell your web services

It’s no good being in business, if you are going to stay stuck in a rut and keep playing small.

Where’s the fun in hiding behind closed doors giving lip service to your own goal??

The next step, is for you to learn how to sell your services like a ninja!!


It takes the fear out of selling, success and failure!!

You need to feel comfortable with fearlessly receiving financial prosperity as you grow your spiritual business to the next level.

So why do you need to master selling your services?

If you do not know how to sell your services and products ‘effortlessly’, you are not only doing yourself a disservice, but your loved ones and your clients and their loved ones.

That’s not said to tug on your heart strings well perhaps just a little.

The main thing here, is to help you see yourself being the spiritual business owner who no longer needs to hide behind excuses, telling yourself and others ‘fear based lies’.

So will you do what you came here for?

Learn to how to sell YOUR services and products more efficiently?

The feeling of delivering value comes from within.

That is how worthy you feel.

If you are just starting out you might not feel accomplished yet. If you’ve been in business for years, you might feel as though you have to ‘dumb’ yourself down so as not to seem like you are bragging.

That’s ALL low vibration stuff.

I say this because focusing on the ‘how to sell your services and products’ comes from an action oriented space.

It’s not just knowing more about how to, but it is rather to come from a place of being of service in the world as my mentor says ‘higher vibration selling’.

When you have clarity and support around fulfilling your vision and mission, you see helping others achieve results as more of a partnership.

You are not selling anything they don’t find of value, who wouldn’t find unlocking their highest potential of value?

It’s not at all surprising that knowing how to sell your services in a way that feels authentic can be somewhat of a challenge.

Chances are you are reading this because you have either tried and ‘failed’ (remember there is no failure only feedback) you are about to get yourself out there or you’ve been doing this a while now and you want to put a different spin on things.

We both know where ever you are, is just where you need to be, right?

So, learn to be okay with telling the truth about where you are, who you are and what you want to accomplish.

This makes life, marketing and business so much more enjoyable.


Because you forget about learning how to sell your services and come from a space of how can I share my gifts talents and abilities with the people I am here to serve.

My mentor asked me yesterday… what my why was.

My why to speaking with you today in a heart centred way even though I have mild Irlen and Dyslexia and doing what I do…

“There is no going back for me, this is embedded into me, it’s a way of life for me. I’ve burnt my bridges, this is it!!”

He said say it again, now write that down and look at it every day and especially when you feel you are not having such a great day!

  • So what’s your why?
  • Why do you do or want to do what you want to do?

Chances are you never signed-up for the selling part, right?

Well, if you are a spiritual business owner, you’ll know by now you have to get good at selling, no scratch that, you have to learn to ‘sales mastery’ in order for your spiritual business to grow and match the level of your unique SOUL Purpose.

So, how do you sell more of your services, the long and short of it is, feel good about what you are selling!!


Well feeling good about what you are selling, in a nut shell means feeling good about you!

Your spiritual business is an extension of the spiritual YOU.

You need to come from mind set that will ease your negative associations of selling if you are to learn how to sell your services without feeling like you are selling your soul!

This often brings with it huge challenges on how to overcome money blocks.

Are you open to receiving money for your gift, your passion and purpose in life?


Knowing about how to sell your services isn’t really about selling.

In fact, it’s letting go of the ‘selling part’ ALL together and instead working on your relationship with money! Sorry!

It is more likely that you don’t feel worthy of getting paid what you are really worth, than fear of selling that is holding you back from selling your services and products to clients, customers, to a business or a company.

Think about it, you are here, there is so much information out there on selling, you could learn and apply it today, but what’s really holding you back?

Is it your vibration around money?

Are you charging what you are really worth, or are you working for low cost or free?

The problem is probably going to be in how much value you believe you are adding to others and how much that is worth.

That it not for you to worry about, go and ask the people you are here to service.

Ask them how you can best serve them and do it.

Raise your vibration as Stuart Wilde once said and then when you do and you start attracting more clients, make sure you have a way to bill them!

My hope is to demystify how to sell your services. I hope that telling the truth works for you.